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Wills & Estate Planning

Nobody wants to talk about death and the mention of Wills conjures up images of death. Superstitions notwithstanding, Wills are essential.

Gone are the days when only the aged would consider drafting their Wills. People are dying earlier these days and a Will is essential to any adult who has either a family or an asset.

Apart from setting out how your estate is to be distributed, a Will allows you to appoint Guardians for your infant children and set up trust funds for your aged parents.

In the absence of a Will, your estate is distributed according to the Intestate Succession Act, which can have unintended results. Click here for a summary of distribution under the intestate Succession Act.

A Will allows you to decide who is to inherit your estate in what proportions and prevents your estate from being distributed arbitrarily to parties you may not intend to benefit.

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