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Changing your Name

Many people change their names for various reasons. A married woman often adopts her husband’s name and wants this officially included in her name.

Some people find that the Chinese characters of their name are not good luck or are not compatible with that of their partner or spouse, so they change that.

Some people just have parents who gave them very strange names. Imagine if your parents named you Pilot Inspektor Riesgraf-Lee. That was what Jason Lee of the series My Name is Earl named his son. Other strange names that have come up are Loser Lane, Thursday October Christian, Urban Shocker, Yahoo and Yahoo Serious! Seriously, why do people come up with such strange names? Don’t they realize what their children have to go through in school?

The good news is that if you find a need to change your name – whether it’s because your parents had been “original” or because your geomancer said it would be good for you or you’re trying to run away from an obsessive ex-partner, you can!

The document you need is called a Deed Poll and the process is simple, quick and inexpensive.

Please email or call if you require further information on Deed Polls and someone will attend to you.
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