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Powers of Attorney

More and more people are now travelling and spending extended amounts of time overseas for work. It's not always easy to just pack up and go, especially when there are affairs that need to be attended to here.

A Power of Attorney allows you to appoint someone in Singapore to handle your affairs and deal with your property in your absence. Your Attorney can be given powers to sell or rent your home with specific instructions on how to deal with the rental or sale proceeds.

The same applies for HDB flats and a Power of Attorney drafted in accordance with the requirements of the HDB will allow for the general management of your HDB flat.

Once drafted and executed, the Power of Attorney is registered with the Supreme Court of Singapore and your Attorney is then equipped to assist you in your affairs.

A Power of Attorney can be revoked if the need for it no longer exists.

Please email if you have any queries on the drafting of a Power of Attorney, and someone will attend to you.
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